Electricity – Critical Considerations

Electricity is all around us, and often, many people neglect it or take it for granted until there is an accident in your nearest power central and the lights in the house go off for an hour or two. Then, if you don’t have a laptop with a battery or your phone has gone off you actually find out that you can talk with your family or house mates and that it can be as exciting as chatting on WhatsApp (or even more!).

The Discovery of Electricity

One cannot say that electricity is invented since it is a force in nature that has been around forever. It is unclear who and when discovered this phenomenon and is a subject of controversy. Some refer to Benjamin Franklin as the discoverer, but he merely established the connection between lighting and electricity, nothing more and nothing less.

Electricity was first discovered as static electricity. The type of electricity which occurs when you rub two shiny or amber things that start attracting each other. You can even hear it if you take off your sweater. There should be a slight crack, and your hair can get attracted to the material, floating in air as a result. You might even feel the slight shock when you touch a certain surface charged with static electricity. If you are aware enough, you might feel a sudden but slight rush in your blood.

Electricity in Medicine

Electricity in small doses is actually healthy for your body as it wakes up your cells and activates neurons. It was first produced by the entertainment industry. People would shock the legs of a dead frog and as a result, make them move and impress the audience. They also shocked dead human bodies, and that’s when the Frankenstein story popped out.

Today we still shock people who are considered dead medically. This is a common practice during CPR and resuscitation. Medical doctors who have taken their ACLS pretest and completed their certification commonly use these methods.

Electrotherapies are widely used in medicine in different parts of the complicated body. They can be applied for neurological diseases. Electricity is also used in treating cancer and tumor shrinkage. Modern medicine uses electricity treatment for improvement of joint movement, neuromuscular dysfunctions, local blood flow, muscle atrophy, tissue repair, pain management and the list goes on beyond the scope of this article. One thing that electricity is not effective in is increasing the speed of bone healing.

Electricity is all around us, and we are totally dependent on it. All our devices are charged with it, and it has immensely improved the medicine and health factors. We use electric cars to shrink carbon emissions, but people have still not figured out how to completely replace gas cars, even though electric cars have been around since the invention of the car.

Modern technology offers a few alternatives. Solar energy can be a good replacement of electricity in near future as there are new houses fully powered with solar energy that keep emerging.

This is good news as all these cables we are trapped in may soon disappear. What is more, people are continuously working on solutions for transporting electricity wirelessly. Something people may argue that Nicola Tesla discovered long time ago. Some people even consider this to be the reason for his assassination.

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