Reasons Why It Is Better to Travel by Train

In Europe, the locals love to travel by train.  The more seasoned backpackers also prefer to take the train.  Unfortunately, it seems like the railway transport system is underappreciated in US.  With the looming uncertainties in our economy, traveling by train is beneficial for the budget travelers.  In addition, the scenic view during your travel will feel like an instant vacation.  In case you need additional reasons on why you need to take the railway transport system, you are reading the right article.

Top Reasons on Why You Need to Travel by Train

Here are the top reasons that will convince you to start traveling by train.

It is Cost-Efficient

Trains are undoubtedly a more cost-efficient way to travel compared to plane especially if you are just travelling a shorter distance.  While there are instances that airfare can be competitive, you will often see a dramatic difference in terms of price.  It may be true that a journey by train will take longer, but travelers who are finding ways to save some money will prefer the train.  Compared to airline companies, railway transport system often provides a discount to military personnel, AAA members, students, senior citizens, and children.

It is also much safer than other forms of travel. Many trains have an doctors on board that have received ACLS training.

Fixed and Stable Fare

Airfares are unpredictable, and the structure of the pricing can be frustrating.  I cannot comprehend the fact that a one-way ticket usually costs more expensive than the round-trip.  Fare on the railway transport system, on the other hand, remains the same regardless of the months and days.  While there are times that the price can increase, you will be able to precisely compute the cost of your travel even during the last seconds.


Most of the long-haul train will require a reservation.  But if you are going on a short trip, you do not have to book for your travel.  You can simply show up on the railway station at the same day that you are planning to travel.   The management will not require you to pay an insane fee for your last-minute fare.

Carry More Baggage for Free

Nowadays, almost all major airline companies are charging the travelers an exorbitant fee when they are checking their luggage.  There are also others who will now charge you on your carryon luggage.  When you compare this to the luggage policy of the railway transport, the luggage allowance usually includes 2 carry on bag weighing 50lbs each free, 2 checked luggage which also weighs 50lbs each for free and 2 checked luggage worth only $20 each.  You will simply get 200lbs luggage for free.  Imagine bringing those items on the plane.

No Hassle

For those who choose the airways, there are times that they will spend extensive time on the regular procedure such as inspection of gels and liquids, shoe inspection, waiting at the security line and flight delays.  When you take the railway transport system, you will usually arrive 30 minutes ahead of your schedule, and you can just step out of the platform.

Compared to airplane travel; that takes you only from one place to another without giving you a glimpse of the sceneries, riding a train is a destination.  Most of the time, the ride will be dramatic, and the scenic views will be amazing.

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