Uses of Electricity

Electricity is one of the best inventions made. It is a source of energy that runs the world as we know it. Any developed country knows the value of electricity. This source of energy controls almost every industry. In developing countries, not everyone has access to electricity, and the effects of this can be clearly seen in the standard of living. Industry is also underdeveloped as a result of this.

There are numerous uses of electricity. The main ones include:

Operating and Cooling Industrial Machinery

Most, if not all, machines require a power source. This power source is often electricity. It is the most reliable source as there are few interruptions and thus increased efficiency in production. Machines need to go through a cooling process. They use up a lot of energy and produce heat as a byproduct. In order to run the different cooling processes, there has to be electricity.

Electricity is also crucial in running machines in hospitals. It is, therefore, important to have a steady and uninterrupted supply of energy in hospitals to safeguard the lives of patients.


Electricity is used in all aspects of medicine. It is used during surgery, drug development, or even simply when evaluating a patient. One of the most commonly seen methods of using electricity in medicine is defibrillation during CPR. Doctors and nurses who take care of young babies and children will often use their training learned from PALS certification online.


Electricity is used for lighting both in domestic households and commercial enterprises. This is especially used at night when there is no other source of light. Some offices are also dark during the day because of the proximity of buildings and the placing of windows. They also need to have their lights on throughout business hours.

Ventilation and Circulation

Electricity is used in ventilation and in the circulation of air. Many offices and homes have appliances such as air conditioners and fans. These help to regulate temperatures in order to maintain them at the preferred level. Thermostats use electricity as well.

Powering Internal Systems

Whenever you go to a mall or a building, you will need to use an escalator or an elevator to move between floors. These systems are run using electricity. They do not only make moving from one place to another much easier for people. They also help to speed up the transportation of goods from one point to the next. This increases efficiency especially when the items are large loads.


There are many products that need to be refrigerated to prevent them from going bad. These are mostly foodstuff. Refrigeration is one of the highest consumers of electricity both in households and in industry. Refrigeration is also important in hospitals and research lab facilities. Some medication, blood samples and various strains have to be kept at low temperatures so that they are still useful after a while.

Household Chores

The household also has a number of uses for electricity including doing laundry, the dishes, and cooking. All of the appliances in the house use electricity to run, including the television. There are energy efficient models that consume less electricity, and this is what people ought to buy.

Electricity is a reliable source of energy. You are able to use it for different things, unlike other energy sources. One of its benefits is that it does not have a harmful effect on the environment.

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