Reasons Why It Is Better to Travel by Train

In Europe, the locals love to travel by train.  The more seasoned backpackers also prefer to take the train.  Unfortunately, it seems like the railway transport system is underappreciated in US.  With the looming uncertainties in our economy, traveling by train is beneficial for the budget travelers.  In addition, the scenic view during your travel will feel like an instant vacation.  In case you need additional reasons on why you need to take the railway transport system, you are reading the right article.

Top Reasons on Why You Need to Travel by Train

Here are the top reasons that will convince you to start traveling by train.

It is Cost-Efficient

Trains are undoubtedly a more cost-efficient way to travel compared to plane especially if you are just travelling a shorter distance.  While there are instances that airfare can be competitive, you will often see a dramatic difference in terms of price.  It may be true that a journey by train will take longer, but travelers who are finding ways to save some money will prefer the train.  Compared to airline companies, railway transport system often provides a discount to military personnel, AAA members, students, senior citizens, and children.

It is also much safer than other forms of travel. Many trains have an doctors on board that have received ACLS training.

Fixed and Stable Fare

Airfares are unpredictable, and the structure of the pricing can be frustrating.  I cannot comprehend the fact that a one-way ticket usually costs more expensive than the round-trip.  Fare on the railway transport system, on the other hand, remains the same regardless of the months and days.  While there are times that the price can increase, you will be able to precisely compute the cost of your travel even during the last seconds.


Most of the long-haul train will require a reservation.  But if you are going on a short trip, you do not have to book for your travel.  You can simply show up on the railway station at the same day that you are planning to travel.   The management will not require you to pay an insane fee for your last-minute fare.

Carry More Baggage for Free

Nowadays, almost all major airline companies are charging the travelers an exorbitant fee when they are checking their luggage.  There are also others who will now charge you on your carryon luggage.  When you compare this to the luggage policy of the railway transport, the luggage allowance usually includes 2 carry on bag weighing 50lbs each free, 2 checked luggage which also weighs 50lbs each for free and 2 checked luggage worth only $20 each.  You will simply get 200lbs luggage for free.  Imagine bringing those items on the plane.

No Hassle

For those who choose the airways, there are times that they will spend extensive time on the regular procedure such as inspection of gels and liquids, shoe inspection, waiting at the security line and flight delays.  When you take the railway transport system, you will usually arrive 30 minutes ahead of your schedule, and you can just step out of the platform.

Compared to airplane travel; that takes you only from one place to another without giving you a glimpse of the sceneries, riding a train is a destination.  Most of the time, the ride will be dramatic, and the scenic views will be amazing.

Electricity – Critical Considerations

Electricity is all around us, and often, many people neglect it or take it for granted until there is an accident in your nearest power central and the lights in the house go off for an hour or two. Then, if you don’t have a laptop with a battery or your phone has gone off you actually find out that you can talk with your family or house mates and that it can be as exciting as chatting on WhatsApp (or even more!).

The Discovery of Electricity

One cannot say that electricity is invented since it is a force in nature that has been around forever. It is unclear who and when discovered this phenomenon and is a subject of controversy. Some refer to Benjamin Franklin as the discoverer, but he merely established the connection between lighting and electricity, nothing more and nothing less.

Electricity was first discovered as static electricity. The type of electricity which occurs when you rub two shiny or amber things that start attracting each other. You can even hear it if you take off your sweater. There should be a slight crack, and your hair can get attracted to the material, floating in air as a result. You might even feel the slight shock when you touch a certain surface charged with static electricity. If you are aware enough, you might feel a sudden but slight rush in your blood.

Electricity in Medicine

Electricity in small doses is actually healthy for your body as it wakes up your cells and activates neurons. It was first produced by the entertainment industry. People would shock the legs of a dead frog and as a result, make them move and impress the audience. They also shocked dead human bodies, and that’s when the Frankenstein story popped out.

Today we still shock people who are considered dead medically. This is a common practice during CPR and resuscitation. Medical doctors who have taken their ACLS pretest and completed their certification commonly use these methods.

Electrotherapies are widely used in medicine in different parts of the complicated body. They can be applied for neurological diseases. Electricity is also used in treating cancer and tumor shrinkage. Modern medicine uses electricity treatment for improvement of joint movement, neuromuscular dysfunctions, local blood flow, muscle atrophy, tissue repair, pain management and the list goes on beyond the scope of this article. One thing that electricity is not effective in is increasing the speed of bone healing.

Electricity is all around us, and we are totally dependent on it. All our devices are charged with it, and it has immensely improved the medicine and health factors. We use electric cars to shrink carbon emissions, but people have still not figured out how to completely replace gas cars, even though electric cars have been around since the invention of the car.

Modern technology offers a few alternatives. Solar energy can be a good replacement of electricity in near future as there are new houses fully powered with solar energy that keep emerging.

This is good news as all these cables we are trapped in may soon disappear. What is more, people are continuously working on solutions for transporting electricity wirelessly. Something people may argue that Nicola Tesla discovered long time ago. Some people even consider this to be the reason for his assassination.

Why Is Elementary Education So Important?

Elementary school is the first mandatory educational level all children around the world have to complete. In the United States and Europe, the term elementary school has prevailed, whereas in India the proper term is primary school. Either way, this is every child’s first step towards many different levels of knowledge.

Teachers around the world consider elementary education the most important part in every person’s educational life. Though all people tend to highlight their college years, elementary school is definitely the first milestone set to define a person’s life, in professional, academic and personal level as well.

Unlimited Wealth of Options

In today’s society, there are of course many different kinds of elementary, from which parents may choose what seems right for their children. Public and private schools offer different approaches in an otherwise simple and basic matter. Elementary school will define your child’s attitude towards other people –schoolmates and teachers- as well as his tendency towards lessons and art. This is the primal stage of each child’s brain and the main reason to become successful or not in life.

Therefore, no matter how wealthy a family might be, elementary school will not have much difference. Perhaps private schools have more financial resources that will enable children to see more, go on field trips or handle expensive gear. However, the knowledge and the stages of learning remain the same. Elementary school is a superb stimulant for every child’s brain.

Social Environment

During elementary years, the child will learn how to read, count, develop critical thinking and learn more about the universe all around. Knowledge from the books will not be the only source during these school years. Children get in touch with other children of the same age. They learn how to communicate, play and follow the same rules.

In an elementary school, all children are equal, and the same rules apply to everyone. Here, the child will shape his first friendships, suffer the first consequences and even experience the first stages of pure love. Elementary school is the most important stage for every child, since the child may evolve from a young child to a self-conscious person.

Being away from their mothers for the very first time enables children to develop their independence and have the chance to act on their own. During elementary, children learn how to spend their free time, how to act around teachers or even how to spend their allowance.

Spotting Bad Behavior

Elementary school is the perfect opportunity for teachers to identify any false behavior and attempt to correct it. Away from the family’s tolerance, the child will learn to control bad behavior and minor violent inclinations. The teachers are trained to search for these tendencies and through games and tasks eliminate them.

These early years in a child are the only time period the teachers can truly change the personality and offer great development. An elementary school will always be an important threshold for all children around the world, no matter their financial or social stage.

6 Simple Ways How You Can Help the Environment Today

There is a huge amount of statistics which show that climate change is happening, which is due to a lot of the activities that we do on a daily basis. Many times, it can be tempting to give up because it seems like no one else is trying to help the environment. However, you should still try to improve the environment. Here are six of simple ways how you can help improve the environment.

1. Shop Online

Even though shopping online may seem like it would burn more energy and create more carbon dioxide emissions. However, ordering online involves less power and carbon dioxide emissions. Many online companies are switching to eco-friendly packaging, which can be recycled.

2. Combine Your Errands

One of the best ways of cutting down on your emissions is to combine your errands, especially if you are driving your own vehicle. You should take time to plan one big grocery trip and make sure that you pick all your items up at the same time. The surprising thing about shopping is that multiple short trips can burn up twice as much fuel than one long trip does.

3. Meal Plan

Many people know that you should avoid shopping when you are hungry. However, walking around the store without a list will end up with you buying items that you are not going to use. This creates a huge amount of food waste. The best way to cut down on food waste is to plan out your meals for the week and make a list of the items that you will need. If you can stick to the meal plan, you should not have a lot of food left at the end of the week.

4. Understand What Expiration Dates are

There are different dates that are printed on food products. An expiration date refers to the quality of the item, not its safety. There is also the sell-by date, which is the deadline for the store to sell the item. The use-by date is when the item starts losing its flavors and quality. You can extend the shelf life of most food items by storing food in the correct manner.

5. Buy in Bulk

To save on packaging, you should be buying bulk food items that have long life spans. One large bag of rice uses less cardboard or plastic than 2 or more smaller packages. You should make sure that you can use the food before that it goes bad. If you and your family or friends buy the same items, you can save money and packaging by splitting larger packages. You will need your own reusable packaging if you use this method.

6. Bring Your Own Mug

The United States’ caffeine obsession leads to the average office worker throwing out around 500 cups every year. This is a huge amount of trash, which we can easily stop by carrying a travel cup. The bonus is that some coffee shops will provide a discount if you use your own mug.

Taking care of the environment is important. However, at times it can feel like what you are doing is not good enough. However, every simple activity that you do is helping the environment is some small way.

6 Major Current Environmental Problems That Only Seem to Grow

Many environmental organizations around the world are trying to inform the public about major environmental issues we are currently experiencing. Though the movements are quite big and popular, people seem to have forgotten all the major problems we face every day without even knowing.

Among them, there are 10 environmental crises not to be ignored since they will become a crucial issue in the next few years. If humankind continues to ignore them, then soon enough we will stand helpless in front of them.

Major Environmental Issues to Address

  • Humankind has managed to pollute all living things. Air, water, and soil have been damaged beyond repair in the previous years. Industries and all motors are the prime reason for all kinds of pollution on Earth. People have managed to pollute oceans with metals and plastics, bringing as a result polluted fish that we eventually use as food.
  • Global warming is a dangerous phenomenon scientists reported over a decade ago. The rising temperatures lead to the melting of polar ice caps. This in turn leads to rise of the sea level, which eventually causes floods, excessive snowfall and desertification.
  • Earth also suffers from overpopulation. Research shows that human resources like water, food, and fuel, will not be enough for all the population of the world. At the moment, overpopulation is considered as one of the most crucial problems humankind must face in the years to come.
  • Humankind has managed to produce extreme levels of waste. All developed countries produce annually a terrifying volume of waste, like garbage, which is then redirected to the already polluted oceans. Nuclear waste is another horrible factor in this problem since they are a direct threat to human life.
  • Deforestation is another great impact of human life on Earth. Trees, which are responsible for the very air we breathe as well as regulation of temperature and rains have been almost completely cut from forests around the world. The percentage of green lands on Earth has now reached the terrifying number of 30% and continues to reduce.
  • Humans have successfully managed to eradicate most animal species from the face of Earth. The whole nature’s balance is in danger every time humans manage to decimate yet another animal species. One important example is the elimination of coral life, which is essential to all marine life, which is definitely essential for human life as well. Humans are part of the same chain they are so desperately eager to destroy.

Most people want to ignore these issues, usually because they are not ready to face this truth. However, ignoring the fact that humankind will soon suffer serious consequences is not so far as we might want to believe. People need to realize the truth and attempt to correct their overall behavior. This planet does need a human presence in order to survive. Humans, however, desperately want Earth’s natural resources in order to continue to exist.

Uses of Electricity

Electricity is one of the best inventions made. It is a source of energy that runs the world as we know it. Any developed country knows the value of electricity. This source of energy controls almost every industry. In developing countries, not everyone has access to electricity, and the effects of this can be clearly seen in the standard of living. Industry is also underdeveloped as a result of this.

There are numerous uses of electricity. The main ones include:

Operating and Cooling Industrial Machinery

Most, if not all, machines require a power source. This power source is often electricity. It is the most reliable source as there are few interruptions and thus increased efficiency in production. Machines need to go through a cooling process. They use up a lot of energy and produce heat as a byproduct. In order to run the different cooling processes, there has to be electricity.

Electricity is also crucial in running machines in hospitals. It is, therefore, important to have a steady and uninterrupted supply of energy in hospitals to safeguard the lives of patients.


Electricity is used in all aspects of medicine. It is used during surgery, drug development, or even simply when evaluating a patient. One of the most commonly seen methods of using electricity in medicine is defibrillation during CPR. Doctors and nurses who take care of young babies and children will often use their training learned from PALS certification online.


Electricity is used for lighting both in domestic households and commercial enterprises. This is especially used at night when there is no other source of light. Some offices are also dark during the day because of the proximity of buildings and the placing of windows. They also need to have their lights on throughout business hours.

Ventilation and Circulation

Electricity is used in ventilation and in the circulation of air. Many offices and homes have appliances such as air conditioners and fans. These help to regulate temperatures in order to maintain them at the preferred level. Thermostats use electricity as well.

Powering Internal Systems

Whenever you go to a mall or a building, you will need to use an escalator or an elevator to move between floors. These systems are run using electricity. They do not only make moving from one place to another much easier for people. They also help to speed up the transportation of goods from one point to the next. This increases efficiency especially when the items are large loads.


There are many products that need to be refrigerated to prevent them from going bad. These are mostly foodstuff. Refrigeration is one of the highest consumers of electricity both in households and in industry. Refrigeration is also important in hospitals and research lab facilities. Some medication, blood samples and various strains have to be kept at low temperatures so that they are still useful after a while.

Household Chores

The household also has a number of uses for electricity including doing laundry, the dishes, and cooking. All of the appliances in the house use electricity to run, including the television. There are energy efficient models that consume less electricity, and this is what people ought to buy.

Electricity is a reliable source of energy. You are able to use it for different things, unlike other energy sources. One of its benefits is that it does not have a harmful effect on the environment.