6 Major Current Environmental Problems That Only Seem to Grow

Many environmental organizations around the world are trying to inform the public about major environmental issues we are currently experiencing. Though the movements are quite big and popular, people seem to have forgotten all the major problems we face every day without even knowing.

Among them, there are 10 environmental crises not to be ignored since they will become a crucial issue in the next few years. If humankind continues to ignore them, then soon enough we will stand helpless in front of them.

Major Environmental Issues to Address

  • Humankind has managed to pollute all living things. Air, water, and soil have been damaged beyond repair in the previous years. Industries and all motors are the prime reason for all kinds of pollution on Earth. People have managed to pollute oceans with metals and plastics, bringing as a result polluted fish that we eventually use as food.
  • Global warming is a dangerous phenomenon scientists reported over a decade ago. The rising temperatures lead to the melting of polar ice caps. This in turn leads to rise of the sea level, which eventually causes floods, excessive snowfall and desertification.
  • Earth also suffers from overpopulation. Research shows that human resources like water, food, and fuel, will not be enough for all the population of the world. At the moment, overpopulation is considered as one of the most crucial problems humankind must face in the years to come.
  • Humankind has managed to produce extreme levels of waste. All developed countries produce annually a terrifying volume of waste, like garbage, which is then redirected to the already polluted oceans. Nuclear waste is another horrible factor in this problem since they are a direct threat to human life.
  • Deforestation is another great impact of human life on Earth. Trees, which are responsible for the very air we breathe as well as regulation of temperature and rains have been almost completely cut from forests around the world. The percentage of green lands on Earth has now reached the terrifying number of 30% and continues to reduce.
  • Humans have successfully managed to eradicate most animal species from the face of Earth. The whole nature’s balance is in danger every time humans manage to decimate yet another animal species. One important example is the elimination of coral life, which is essential to all marine life, which is definitely essential for human life as well. Humans are part of the same chain they are so desperately eager to destroy.

Most people want to ignore these issues, usually because they are not ready to face this truth. However, ignoring the fact that humankind will soon suffer serious consequences is not so far as we might want to believe. People need to realize the truth and attempt to correct their overall behavior. This planet does need a human presence in order to survive. Humans, however, desperately want Earth’s natural resources in order to continue to exist.

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